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Blog Content Idea: Monthly Columns 0

Blog Content Idea: Monthly Columns

As a person with a need for perfectionism, I have a never-ending quest to find the perfect way to plan out content for my blog. The more consistent my plan, the better I perform and the more consistent my blog is. So when I learned about the concept of columns and how to apply them to my own blog, I was absolutely delighted. Having something that I know will be posted every month, even if I don’t write anything else, helps me feel secure as a blogger and a writer. It gives me a tangible goal and keeps my blog...

episode 84 of the Smutlancers podcast is the march 2020 mailbag answering smutlancer questions 0

Smutlancers Q&A: March 2020 Mailbag

In this month’s mailbag/Q&A episode, we answer questions from other smutlancers on consistency, time management, lead magnets, and more! In this episode: Get answers to questions faster — and from an entire community — by joining the Smutlancers Community Best practices for defining a writing niche How consistent do you need to be when creating content? Tips for overwhelmed smutlancers with long to-do lists Do lead magnets work in adult content or is better for non-adult sites? Links from the episode: The Smutlancers Community on Patreon Follow The Smutlancer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Follow Eroticon on Twitter and Instagram...

in episode 68 of the Smutlancers podcast, Molly and Kayla answer smutlancer questions 0

November 2019 Mailbag

It’s time for the November mailbag episode. Molly and I answer questions on self-publishing, staying anonymous, how we write as much as we do, and more! In this episode: How to develop a consistent writing practice and how to make yourself start How do we write as much as we do? Is Kindle the best way to self publish? Is it feasible to write smut for a short while and then stop? Can someone stay anonymous while writing smut? Links from the episode: List of Blogging Memes Ask the Smutlancer The Smutlancers Community on Patreon Follow The Smutlancer on Instagram,...