How to Make Your Client’s Content More Inclusive, Part Two

part two of tips to help make client's content more inclusive

In part one, we discussed how to help a client see why being more inclusive in their content is important. Now, let’s focus on what you can do while creating their content. This is your opportunity to let your sex positivity and professionalism shine. The content you create needs to be excellent so it makes…

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How to Make Your Client’s Content More Inclusive, Part One

how to help your client be more inclusive with their content

If you’re creating content for an adult client, it’s important to follow their vision, strategy, and rules for their brand. But as sex positive smutlancers, it’s equally important to be as inclusive as possible. Most of your adult clients want this (the best ones definitely do), but making it happen isn’t always easy. Adult companies…

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Breaking Up With a Client Doesn’t Have to Be Heartbreaking

post on breaking up with aka firing a client

I know, I know…some of you are thinking, “Breaking up?! I’m trying to get a client — not get rid of them!” If you’re just starting out in this smutlancing thing, it probably seems impossible that a day will come when you’ll break up with (aka fire) a client. A few years ago, I thought…

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