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How I Organize My Work Day 0

How I Organize My Work Day | Smutlancer Process

Finding the right process helps me get work done, stay efficient, and not feel like I’m spinning my wheels. It lets me get more done in a day than I otherwise might — without using extra energy or sitting in front of a screen for hours upon hours. With that in mind — and because a few people have asked me to talk about it — let’s dive into my process for organizing my work day.

episode 37 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses getting paid 0

Getting Paid as a Smutlancer

We spend a lot of time, as smutlancers, saying that we should be paid for our work, and that’s completely true. But once you’ve secured the agreement for payment, there’s still a lot of work to be done — and a lot of ways where things can go wrong. Deserving payment is one thing, but actually getting paid is another. In this episode, let’s talk about actually getting paid as a smutlancer. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by QuickBooks Self Employed Different types of work and situations require different ways of handling payments You need...

August 2018 income report for Kayla Lords, the smutlancer and sex writer 2

Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: August 2018

I’m not going to lie to you — putting out my income and expenses onto the internet leaves me feeling extremely vulnerable. Last month I went through an anxious, rage-y thing (in my head, where no one else could see). It wasn’t until people told me how much this helped them or inspired them that I took a deep breath about it. And now it’s time to look at the August numbers. Over the next couple of months, you should start to see how freelance/smutlancer income can fluctuate. Which is why you never have just one stream of income and...

part two of tips to help make client's content more inclusive 0

How to Make Your Client’s Content More Inclusive, Part Two

In part one, we discussed how to help a client see why being more inclusive in their content is important. Now, let’s focus on what you can do while creating their content. This is your opportunity to let your sex positivity and professionalism shine. The content you create needs to be excellent so it makes an impact on the audience. Changing a few pronouns or descriptions won’t mean much if no one pays any attention to it. While these tips will help you bring inclusivity into a client’s content, you still need good research, interesting titles, and good topics so...

how to help your client be more inclusive with their content 0

How to Make Your Client’s Content More Inclusive, Part One

If you’re creating content for an adult client, it’s important to follow their vision, strategy, and rules for their brand. But as sex positive smutlancers, it’s equally important to be as inclusive as possible. Most of your adult clients want this (the best ones definitely do), but making it happen isn’t always easy. Adult companies have to think about SEO and what people search for online. They likely have a certain demographic they want to reach. These things aren’t as antithetical to inclusivity as the client might think. But it does take effort, patience, and a bit of creativity. In...

post on breaking up with aka firing a client 0

Breaking Up With a Client Doesn’t Have to Be Heartbreaking

I know, I know…some of you are thinking, “Breaking up?! I’m trying to get a client — not get rid of them!” If you’re just starting out in this smutlancing thing, it probably seems impossible that a day will come when you’ll break up with (aka fire) a client. A few years ago, I thought the same thing. Desperate for work, I took anyone who came my way (this sounds a lot like my love life when I was 20…). I never sabotaged my career but even when it was awful, I’d wait for them to end it with me...