Writing About More than Sex to Jumpstart Your Writing Career SL017

episode 17 Smutlancer podcast discussing vanilla writing

If you’re here, I assume you either want to be a smutlancer or consider yourself one already. Creating content about sex is what this site is about, and it’s a personal passion of my own. But I wouldn’t be the freelancer I am without the vanilla content that pays the bills. For anyone else who…

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7 Questions to Ask Before You Quote a Price

ask questions before you quote a price

Some gigs you take have a set price — sponsored posts, banner ads, consulting fees, etc. If you’ve determined it’s work you’ll do, and you’ve figured out how much you want to make, it’s a take it or leave it kind of thing. This is my price. Pay it or don’t. But other work will…

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Who Are You Writing For? SL016

episode 16 of the Smutlancer Podcast - who are you writing for

The question came up, in a recent conversation, about who we write for. Do you write for yourself or your audience? Me? I write for both. Sometimes at the same time, and sometimes exclusively for one or the other. And when you write professionally, you’ve got two other groups to think about — the client…

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When Can I Charge More Money for My Work?

How and When to Raise Your Rates

The first question a smutlancer (or any freelancer, let’s be honest) asks is, “How much should I charge for my work?” It’s an imperfect science, but we’ve discussed it before here and here. Once you start making money, the next question you should ask yourself is, “When can I charge more?” Like everything else, there’s…

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Finding Success with Goal Setting

How to set a goal to accomplish a dream

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possible things you could do as a smutlancer. You look around and think, “Okay, I want to be [INSERT THING YOU WANT TO BE]” and then you wonder how the hell you’re supposed to make it happen. We’ve already talked about re-thinking success and decided (at least…

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Just Keep Going SL0015

episode 15 of smutlancer podcast -- just keep going

This week, I turned on the mic with no notes or script but with a message I repeat to myself a lot. And it’s one I’m sure other people need to…just keep going and do the best you can do. Links from the show: Blubrry.com – use code KaylaLords to get one month free! (affiliate…

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Turning Your Blog Into a Book

header for turning your book into a blog by rachael kaye

This month’s contributor to The Smutlancer is Rachael Kaye known best as Wriggly Kitty. She shares how she turned her blog into a book! If you’re a freelance writer, fiction author or blogger, chances are that you’ll have lots of words along a particular theme that could be working harder for you. Whether it’s returned…

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What Does Success Look Like?

redefining success as a smutlancer

You can blame Cara Thereon (whom I adore) for this one. We got into an amazing conversation on Twitter about jealousy, comparison, and success. From that, this blog post was born. Too many of us see what other people are doing and ask ourselves, “Why aren’t I doing that yet? Will I ever have that…

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The Case for Being More Generous With Your Audience SL014

episode 14 of the Smutlancer podcast about being generous with your time and your audience

When we share our personal sexual experiences, give advice on the best way to do this or the top number of [insert things to try here], our audience may consider us a resource for all kinds of information about sex. Some (but not all) of them may even seek our advice on more specific questions.…

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Why Authenticity Matters SL013

episode 13 discusses why authenticity matters

This week, after an unplanned for hiatus, I’m back and it’s time to discuss being authentic when you’re online and why it matters. Short answer? It helps build an audience, a brand, and ultimately, a business that earns you money. In this episode: Pardon the absence. Blame tech troubles. I went on a Twitter rant…

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