Five Do’s and Four Don’ts for Disabled Sex Writers

Rebecca Blanton

Rebecca Blanton (she/her) (aka Auntie Vice) is a freelance writer and performer. She has a Ph.D. in Political Psychology and her work focuses on gender and kink. She has produced multiple books about BDSM and over two dozen erotic novels under various pen names.

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  1. Quinn Rhodes says:

    Aaah, I relate to everything in this post so hard! I’m definitely still working on being realistic about my capabilities and not overcommitting, so the reminder that it’s ok to say no and be gentle with yourself is always super helpful. And “Do not let your self-censorship around your own shame or disappointment in your body and brain keep you from connecting with others. There are millions of us out there who crave sexy work that reflects us.” really stood out to me – fuck yes do we need more sexy work featuring disabled folks!

  2. Hello! Stumbled across this post and HAD to respond. I am an indie erotica author who is blind. My books feature blind characters, because not only is it easy to write, but I want to inspire people while also arousing them. I want readers to bombard my email with questions about blindness, sex, and the daily life. Never give up y’all!

    • Auntie Vice says:

      Hell Ya!!! That is amazing. I’m going to have to check them out! Also sending the link to my ex-wife who now has several blind partners in her polycule!

  3. Danny Bright says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised to see the title of this post and of course I dived right in. Great post! As a disabled person, you really opened my mind up about being disabled and a sex writer/blogger. This information is so rare, and I love the truth that you shared, yes, truth that made me think, really think about my own disabilities and my writing. Loved this post and thank you for standing up and saying what needs to be said more often.

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