What Does Success Look Like?

redefining success as a smutlancer

You can blame Cara Thereon (whom I adore) for this one. We got into an amazing conversation on Twitter about jealousy, comparison, and success. From that, this blog post was born. Too many of us see what other people are doing and ask ourselves, “Why aren’t I doing that yet? Will I ever have that…

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The Case for Being More Generous With Your Audience SL014

episode 14 of the Smutlancer podcast about being generous with your time and your audience

When we share our personal sexual experiences, give advice on the best way to do this or the top number of [insert things to try here], our audience may consider us a resource for all kinds of information about sex. Some (but not all) of them may even seek our advice on more specific questions.…

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Why Authenticity Matters SL013

episode 13 discusses why authenticity matters

This week, after an unplanned for hiatus, I’m back and it’s time to discuss being authentic when you’re online and why it matters. Short answer? It helps build an audience, a brand, and ultimately, a business that earns you money. In this episode: Pardon the absence. Blame tech troubles. I went on a Twitter rant…

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Podcasting 101: 2018 Eroticon Podcast Panel SL012

episode 12 of Smutlancer podcast is the eroticon podcast panel

I haven’t had a chance to gush about 2018 Eroticon yet, but I will, and soon. Until then, take a listen to the podcasting panel I sat on with John Brownstone (my partner in crime over at Loving BDSM) and Andrew and Pixie of Kink Craft. Whether you were unable to attend the session while…

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2018 Eroticon Presentation Notes: How to Make Money From Your Blog

presentation notes from 2018 Eroticon session

If you were able to attend my session at Eroticon, I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it. If you couldn’t go this year, hopefully you’ll be able to go in the future. Either way, feel free to use my notes and resources from my Saturday morning session. How to Make Money…

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When In Doubt, Be Who You Are

always be yourself

I’m writing this the Sunday before I head to Eroticon 2018. My to-do list for client work and blogging is nearly done. A trip I’ve been thinking about since my return flight after Eroticon 2017 is about to become a reality. This time, my husband (that’s still fun to say/type!) John Brownstone will be with…

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Hacking My To-Do List to Get More Done

making my to-do list more productive

It’s the Friday before Eroticon 2018, and I’ve worked (and am still working) hard to get as much done before I leave as possible. Between client work, blogging, and podcasting, it’s more than I anticipated. Although why I told myself 15 hour workdays were a thing I could just keep doing, I don’t know. I’ve…

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Deciding Whether to Hit Publish or Not SL011

episode 11 of smutlancer podcast discusses reasons why you should publish anyway

Sometimes writing a blog or making a thing is easy. We almost feel a compulsion to do it or we’re “on brand” so of course we’ll put it out there. But what happens when you want to (or do) write or make a thing, but you wonder if you “should” publish it? This week I’m…

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Ask the Smutlancer: One Thing a New Writer Needs to Know

one piece advice for a new writer

There are a lot of things new (and established) writers need to know. Thanks to a questioned submitted to Ask the Smutlancer, we’re discussing just one of those things…the one that (to me) is most important. If you can do this, you’ll be farther ahead than most other sex writers and sex bloggers. The Question…

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5 Tips for Setting Boundaries With Your Clients

post on setting boundaries in your professional life

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at setting boundaries, professional or personal. I say yes too often, and I don’t speak up when things get overwhelming. In personal relationships, I hate to disappoint my friends or let them down. In professional relationships, it’s a bit of the same but with the fear…

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