On the Care and Feeding of Your Smutlancer

on the care and feeding of a smutlancer

I’m not exactly young anymore (but I’m definitely not old!), and I’ve finally had to admit to myself that I’m not the same person I was in college. That chick could write until 2am, sleep until 6am, go to an 8am class and stay up until 3am studying the next night. (Yeah, I know that…

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An Alternative to Calling Out an Adult Company

an alternative to call-out culture as a smutlancer

I’ve said before that call-out culture (on any social media platform) isn’t my thing. My personality isn’t built for it, and from observation, it doesn’t work most of the time. Typically, several people yell (in all caps), feelings get hurt and tempers flare on both sides, and there is no dialogue. People dig their heels…

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3 Things You Need for Your Website SL009

episode 9 of smutlancer podcast discusses keeping your website operational

As someone trying to earn money and build a career off of the sexy, smutty stuff you make, your website must work. While you can’t prevent crashes (or most of them), there are things and people you can have to help you survive them. When my own website crashed this week, I was reminded of…

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Why I Use an Editor

a post about using an editor written by Pixie Heart

Please welcome Pixie Heart to the Smutlancer blog today as our contributing writer! I know her as a kinkster, friend, and now fellow sex-blogger. We can also use help in our writing lives and we all have ways we can improve. Today, Pixie discusses the importance of a good editor and friend. I have struggled…

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How to Make Money: Copywriting

copywriting as a way to make money

Several weeks (months?) ago, I began a series called How to Make Money where we discuss different money-making opportunities. What I’ve covered so far isn’t close to everything, but I got distracted by bright, shiny objects and wandered off to talk about other things. Now I’m back with a single topic that encompasses multiple ways…

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Ignoring Your Critics and Getting Better at What You Do SL008

episode 8 discusses ignoring the critics and making your thing anyway

This week I went on a rant (it’s kind of my thing) about ignoring your critics – even your own inner critic – and doing your thing. We all start somewhere and we all get better with time. It’s easy for someone to sit on the outside and say you did it wrong, but much…

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When Will My Sex Blog Make Money?

A question often asked by sex bloggers - when will my sex blog make money

Tl;dr: There are no guaranteed timelines to making money. It’s what you do right now and what you keep doing that matters most. So when will my sex blog make money? It’s a question all sex blogging smutlancers ask themselves, especially when you’re working hard to get someone to hire you, accept your pitch, or…

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Why Community Matters SL007

episode seven discusses the importance of community

After talking about friendships in episode 6, the sex blogging community as a whole is on my mind. Cultivating friendships is important but being a part of the community, even in a small way, matters just as much. In this episode: Communities remind us we’re not completely solitary. We might not all be besties but…

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Why the Twitter Shadowban Matters…and Why It Doesn’t

a blog post about the Twitter shadowban

The social media and content entities of the world work hard these days to lock out adult content. Either due to investor concerns about all that dirty, dirty sex littering their cash cow. Or it’s in an unconvincing attempt to “Think of the children!” WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and even the place many of…

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Why Friendship is Important When You’re a Smutlancer SL006

Smutlancer podcast episode on friendship

Over the weekend I read a book called A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf. While it was a fascinating look at a forgotten or ignored part of literary history, it also got me thinking about how important friendship is to the smutlancing life. In this…

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