How to Take Small Steps to Achieve Your Big Goals SL022

how to use small steps to achieve long term goals

I never feel like I’m going enough or that I’ll ever reach my own goals, and I know other smutlancers feel the same way. Part rant, part ramble, here are my tips for how to take small steps to keep moving forward to achieve your big goals — especially when it seems like you’ll never…

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On Editing Old Blog Posts

on editing old blog posts

Girl on the Net recently asked a fascinating question — should you edit old blog posts to “fix” or (more nefariously) “hide” opinions you no longer hold? She makes a good case for why you shouldn’t and also why you might be tempted. Anxiety is a bitch, y’all. But her post (and the Twitter convo…

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6 Resources I Love For Entrepreneurs and Smutlancers

resources for smutlancers and entrepreneurs

Disclosure: There are a few affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase, you help support this site and my coffee addiction.  I consume a lot of resources these days, constantly trying to find the inspiration to stay in the dream-building, goal-achieving state of mind. Because let’s be real…this shit gets tough. The…

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You Do What Others Won’t SL021

episode 21 of The Smutlancer podcast discussing what makes you unique

When I found myself recording multiple podcast episodes in the midnight hour between Monday night and Tuesday morning, I started thinking about all the things you and I do to make our dreams a reality. It was time to celebrate it — and I may or may not encourage you to play a silly “drinking…

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Small Victories That Keep You Writing by Mr. Oh

guest blog post by Mr Oh about celebrating small victories

My name is Mr Oh – Making Repetitive Originality Happen – and I’m one of those writer, author type people who likes to write books in his spare time. I’ve been doing it for a long time, 17 years in fact. And in that time, I’ve managed to write and release 11 individual projects that…

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What is HARO?

A brief explanation of HARO - Help a Reporter Out - for smutlancers

Have you heard of HARO aka Help a Reporter Out? From a writing perspective and promotional perspective, it can be a helpful tool. But first, you have to know what it is and how it works. HARO for Writers and Journalists If you’re a writer or journalist who wants to use credible, authoritative sources in…

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Saying Yes Even When You Don’t Think You’re Qualified SL020

episode 20 of the smutlancer podcast about saying yes even when you don't think you're qualified for the job

Once you begin to make money as a smutlancer, you’ll start to get offers of jobs that you’re not sure you’re qualified to do. Sometimes you won’t be, but most of the time, your concern will be fear or imposter syndrome. This week let’s talk about why you ought to say yes even when you’re…

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6 Ways to Be Consistent With Your Brand

brand consistency as a smutlancer

Branding isn’t a dirty word, and it doesn’t have to mean any of the negative things you might believe of it. We’ve discussed this before, and your brand is simply how you represent yourself and/or your business to the world. While we don’t have total control over what people think of us or how they…

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How Your Partner Feels About Your Smutlancer Life SL019

episode 19 of Smutlancer podcast discusses your partner and your career

John Brownstone (my husband and Dominant partner) joins me for a discussion about how your partner might feel about and react to your smutlancer life. If what you’re creating or writing about includes them, what they think matters very much. But even when you leave them out of your content, a supportive partner can make…

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What is Your Why?

figure out your purpose, your "why" as a creator and smutlancer

Have you ever asked yourself why? Why am I writing sex toy reviews at midnight? Why am I obsessed over sharing details of my sex life or selling this product or educating the sex-curious masses? Knowing your why as a smutlancer is as important as knowing your what. Because when things get tough — and…

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