You Do What Others Won’t SL021

When I found myself recording multiple podcast episodes in the midnight hour between Monday night and Tuesday morning, I started thinking about all the things you and I do to make our dreams a reality. It was time to celebrate it — and I may or may not encourage you to play a silly “drinking game” while listening.

In this episode:

  • I recorded this episode at midnight.
  • What sets us apart from others isn’t the amount of money we earn. It’s that we don’t do things like other people.
  • We should never feel bad about taking care of our health and taking needed breaks, but when things are going okay, the way we work is different from those who aren’t going after a goal.
  • Smutlancers stay up late
  • We work long hours
  • You’ll find us creating in our heads at random times — in the shower, on a walk, while driving.
  • We do things that others say can’t be done.
  • Yes, we’re tired and it can be stressful, but we should celebrate our drive and determination, too.

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