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episode 60 of the smutlancers podcast -- Molly and Kayla answer questions from other smutlancers 0

September 2019 Mailbag

Molly and I are back again for another mailbag episode where we answer questions from smutlancers, sex bloggers, and people who are curious about how this whole thing works! Ask your questions too — it doesn’t have to be about making money or getting clients. It can be about staying motivated, finding ideas, or juggling professional and personal goals, and much much more!

episode 59 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Kayla Lords and Molly Moore 0

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform (for You)

A lot of sex bloggers and adult content creators worry about which social media platform to be on — or if they should be on all of them. Be shocked…we have opinions. This is a rather long episode, but we go through the big three — Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — and a few you might not have considered in the past.

episode 58 of the Smutlancer podcast -- with molly moore and michael knight hosting 0

Self Hosting for Your Sex Blog or Adult Website

Every chance we get, Molly, Michael, and I plead with sex bloggers and adult content creators to self-host their content. Yes, there’s an expense to it (think of it as an investment) and sometimes you have to wait until you can afford to do it. But it’s the only real way to protect your work and not get (completely) booted off platforms.

episode 57 of the Smutlancer podcast -- this week, hosted by Kayla Lords 2

The Importance of Connections and Relationships

“Networking” is the term we hear most often when it comes to forging professional connections and relationships. That sounds like a ring of Hell to me. But one thing is true — connections and relationships do help us achieve our smutlancing goals, grow our income, and build a career. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned through connections I’ve built over the years.

episode 56 of the Smutlancers podcast 0

August 2019 Mailbag

Molly and I are back for our second mailbag episode, and we answer questions from smutlancers just like you! This month, we talk pitching, promoting Patreon, and more!

episode 55 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Kayla Lords and Molly Moore 0

What It’s Like Working From Home

We are only two examples of what it can mean to work from home, but this is our reality. If you’ve got a picture in your mind of what it must be like (believe us, we know), this may or may not burst that bubble.

episode 54 is hosted by Molly Moore and Michael Knight 0

Looking at Your Sex Blog with a Critical Eye

In this week’s Smutlancer podcast, Molly Moore and her husband, Michael Knight aka DomSigns, share their presentation from Eroticon 2019: looking at your website/sex blog with a critical eye. If you know your site needs work but don’t know where to start, this episode will help!

episode 53 of the Smutlancers podcast discusses publishing imperfect work 0

Letting Your Imperfections Show

Knowing your work isn’t “perfect” stops many creators from hitting publish. But the truth is that none of us are perfect, and if you want to reach big goals, you’ve got to put your work out into the world anyway.

july 2019 mailbag episode of the smutlancer, episode 52 0

July 2019 Mailbag

Kayla Lords and Molly Moore answer smutlancer questions in episode 52 of the Smutlancers podcast. Topics include blog monetization, branding, stockphotos, about pages, and more!

episode 51 of the Smutlancers podcast discussing collaboration with hosts Kayla Lords and Molly Moore 0

Collaboration (The New Smutlancers Podcast!)

After a several month hiatus, the Smutlancers podcast is back and in a new format. Twice the opinions, twice the laughs, and twice the experience — I’m joined by Molly Moore as co-host. In episode 51, we’re talking about the importance of collaboration and how to do it.