The Smutlancers Podcast

The Smutlancers podcast is a weekly show hosted by Kayla Lords and Molly Moore discussing our experiences as smutlancers trying to reach our goals, find success, and build the career, life, and website of our dreams. We share our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, tips, tricks, and how-tos each week!

Below, you’ll find the audio and show notes pages for every episode of the podcast.

Smutlancer Podcast episode 3 on shame and vulnerability

Shame and Vulnerability in Sex and in Sex Blogging SL003

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for a new episode. This week, let’s talk about shame and vulnerability that occurs in sex and when we create content – whether it’s about sex or not. In this episode: This week’s episode is sponsored by Blubrry, a podcast hosting solution. I recently read Daring Greatly and I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown These books focus on her research in vulnerability and shame Shame is, unfortunately, central to how some people think about sex. Talking about it – writing about it – can be an act of vulnerability...

episode 2 of The Smutlancer Podcast discusses showing up as a blogger

You’ve Got to Show Up SL002

Episode two is all about showing up and putting in the work. It was recorded during sex blogger list season but the principles apply all year long. If your goal next year is to appear on a sex blogger list or move up a few spots from the year before or if you just want to become a better blogger, you’ve got to show up. In this episode: This week’s episode is sponsored by Blubrry, a podcast hosting solution. What you do with a personal journal/project is different than what you do when trying to make money Requires showing up...

Podcast episode 1 - what is a smutlancer

What is a Smutlancer? SL001

In the very first episode of The Smutlancer podcast, I try to answer one simple question…what the hell is a smutlancer? And also, what you can expect from this podcast. In this episode: What is a smutlancer? What you can expect from this podcast Creating content and getting paid Talking about sex, kink, relationships, gender, sexuality, you name it Written word, podcast, maybe video Getting clients, pitching ideas, making money from your own blog Building relationships Better blogging Books I’ve read Interviews with editors and publications Links from the show: Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Loving BDSM...