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episode 11 of smutlancer podcast discusses reasons why you should publish anyway 0

Deciding Whether to Hit Publish or Not SL011

Sometimes writing a blog or making a thing is easy. We almost feel a compulsion to do it or we’re “on brand” so of course we’ll put it out there. But what happens when you want to (or do) write or make a thing, but you wonder if you “should” publish it? This week I’m sharing three reasons why you should hit publish most of the time. In this episode: I’m going on a two week hiatus for Eroticon and travel so no new podcast until March 28. The next episode should be (barring problems) the recording of the podcast...

you can complain or you can create something useful 0

Don’t Complain, Create Something Instead

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, probably too much, indulging in my love of people-watching. Basically, I’m a lurker. And lately. I’m watching people who I know have platforms criticizing things they don’t like over and over again.¬† Sometimes we can’t change a situation until enough of us talk about why it’s a problem. (Fuck, sometimes even then we’re stuck with it – I’m looking at you Twitter. All we want is an edit button!) Other times it’s much easier to bitch than it is to do the work. It’s this that drives me to distraction. Why? Because...

Writing About Sex is Hard Work 2

Get Ready to Work Hard as a Sex Writer

Can I lay out several cold, hard facts on writing – about sex or some other topic – for you? Sometimes you have to write even when you hate the assignment. We all feel like frauds sometimes. Most of us are envious of other sex writers, wishing we could do what they’re doing. Over time, I’m sure I’ll talk more about these truths, but the biggest of them all is this: Making money at writing is hard work. Writing about sex is hard work.¬†Writing is hard work. And if you’re not prepared to work for what you want, then get...