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When Your Website is Hacked

We hope it never happens to anyone, but we also know it can happen to anyone — your sex blog gets hacked. What do you do now? How do you prevent it from happening? That’s what Michael and Molly are talking about this week on the podcast!

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3 Things You Need for Your Website SL009

As someone trying to earn money and build a career off of the sexy, smutty stuff you make, your website must work. While you can’t prevent crashes (or most of them), there are things and people you can have to help you survive them. When my own website crashed this week, I was reminded of this in a big way. In this episode: All my websites went down this week. After the first fix, KaylaLords.com was still down. I hadn’t run a back-up recently, even though I knew they were important. Thankfully I had help because I don’t really know...

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About that About Page

As the end of the year approaches, plenty of writers and bloggers (myself included) are planning for the coming year and looking around at their blog. If you’re like me, you might be thinking, “I need to clean this joint up!” Or maybe you’ve decided to take your blog or website in a new and better direction. While you’re making those tweaks and updates, make sure you have an About page – and update the one you’ve got. Why Do You Need an About Page? It’s nice to think that everyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook, or other social...