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three planners on orange background, center planner is red and says 2021, title says smutlancers recommend favorite planners by kayla lords 0

10 Planners That Smutlancers Love

In a recent group call in the Smutlancers community, we talked about goal setting and planning, both in general and specific to 2021. During the discussion, everyone had something to say about our planners and planning systems for this year. We asked members of the community to share the planner(s) they love and use, whether this year or in the past. If you’re still trying to figure out which one to use for 2021, hopefully, this list gives you a few options to explore. My PA Planner Both Molly and I are using My PA Planner this year. I used...

How to Work More Efficiently and Get More Done 0

How to Work More Efficiently and Get More Done

The inspiration for this post comes from Chelsea Hamlet, a member of the Smutlancers Community. I realized my answer to a question she asked could be a blog post on its own, and here we are. If you feel like you work fairly slowly, and you wonder how you can possibly take on another client or another job to make more money, this is for you. They’re productivity tips, but not the “you’re not doing enough, here’s how to hustle and grind it out” tips. This is for the people who think, “I need to make enough money to pay...

episode 84 of the Smutlancers podcast is the march 2020 mailbag answering smutlancer questions 0

Smutlancers Q&A: March 2020 Mailbag

In this month’s mailbag/Q&A episode, we answer questions from other smutlancers on consistency, time management, lead magnets, and more! In this episode: Get answers to questions faster — and from an entire community — by joining the Smutlancers Community Best practices for defining a writing niche How consistent do you need to be when creating content? Tips for overwhelmed smutlancers with long to-do lists Do lead magnets work in adult content or is better for non-adult sites? Links from the episode: The Smutlancers Community on Patreon Follow The Smutlancer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Follow Eroticon on Twitter and Instagram...