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Think of Your Sex Blog as Your Personal Sandbox

I once heard a personal website described as the hub of a wheel. All the spokes of the wheel were the ways people should be able to get back to your website. Social media, email newsletters, even writing for another website – it should all point (link) back to your blog or website. All were necessary and everything worked together, but everything should come back to a centralized location. That’s a good metaphor, and a good way to look at the relationship of free tools like social media and your website. There’s another metaphor that sex bloggers should keep in...

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How to Make Money: Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales seem like the easiest way to make money on a blog. Find a company who sells sex toys, sign up as an affiliate, and put that link almost everywhere. Sit back and watch the money just roooooooll in. Right? Not quite. Like everything else we do in the world of writing, blogging, and creating content, very little is as easy as it seems. I can’t speak for other bloggers with affiliate partnerships, but I know what’s worked and hasn’t worked for me. My affiliate sales aren’t enough to pay the mortgage but the income is steadily increasing. In...

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How to Build Relationships with Your Readers

Relationships matter in everything we do. Without good working relationships, day jobs are miserable. A bad relationship – romantic, parental, friend – wreaks havoc on our confidence and mental health. The rapport you build with people can open up new opportunities in life, make connections with strangers, and move your goals forward. Writing about sex is inherently personal. When you build relationships with your readers, you create a connection that can change lives. Once you decide that you want to take your ability to write and connect and turn it into income, relationship building becomes even more important. Without readers,...