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episode 28 of smutlancer podcast discusses getting comfortable with self-promotion 0

Getting Comfortable with Self-Promotion SL028

This week, I’m going with a theme — self-promotion. On Monday we talked about what’s not working, and on Friday, we talked about what good self-promotion looks like (links below). Today, though, let’s focus on getting comfortable with it. If promoting yourself makes you slightly uncomfortable, you’re not alone. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by QuickBooks Self Employed. Even after all this time, self-promotion still makes me nervous. I blame imposter syndrome and the fear of spamming people. Start small. Schedule it — it gives you the feeling of being slightly removed from it all....

5 Reasons Your Self-Promotion Isn't Working 0

5 Reasons Your Self-Promotion Isn’t Working

Self-promotion is an absolute requirement if you want to build a brand or a business. If you’re not talking about what you do, no one else will know or care. You’re trying to find clients, get a sponsored ad, make an affiliate sale, or sell something you made. Every day you’re hustling and grinding, but the results are limited.¬†You tell yourself that maybe you’re just not cut out for this sex blogging, erotic writing, adult industry thing. There are a lot of reasons why self promotion isn’t working. I can’t give you every possibility, but in my experience, these are...