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5 Different Types of Content for Your Sex Blog 0

5 Types of Content to Create for Your Sex Blog or Adult Website

When you think website or blog content, you likely think of text first. Yes, overwhelmingly, this is true. But not all written content is the same, and not all your content has to be written at all. If you have a sex blog, you likely already share personal experiences, erotic fiction, or thoughts on sex or relationships with your audience. E-commerce sites and service sites struggle more with content but tend towards two options: educational content or erotica. But it’s easy to get bored or want to try something new. Sometimes it feels like the well has run dry, and...

resources for smutlancers and entrepreneurs 2

6 Resources I Love For Entrepreneurs and Smutlancers

Disclosure: There are a few affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase, you help support this site and my coffee addiction.  I consume a lot of resources these days, constantly trying to find the inspiration to stay in the dream-building, goal-achieving state of mind. Because let’s be real…this shit gets tough. The good days can definitely make up for any bad days, but sometimes sitting down to write feels like a slog. Sometimes I look at my goals and dreams and think, “Who the hell am I?” I’m not alone in this, and we all need a...