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Self Care as a Way to be More Productive

Self-care isn’t just the indulgent stuff we do when we’re stressed out (although I’m all for that). It’s also the way we take care of ourselves so we can do more of the stuff we want to do. Basically, adulting can make us more productive.

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7 Ways to Promote Yourself and Get Hired

Once you decide you want to make money as a sex writer or any kind of content creator, the biggest question is usually, “How?” How do I get someone to hire me? Where do I find the jobs? When will the money begin rolling in? Well, I don’t know what other people have experienced but as a sex writer, the money has never just rolled in for me. It came in drips and drabs at first. But with time and patience, the money you earn builds on itself. Before you can make the first paycheck, you have to promote yourself...

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What is a Smutlancer? SL001

In the very first episode of The Smutlancer podcast, I try to answer one simple question…what the hell is a smutlancer? And also, what you can expect from this podcast. In this episode: What is a smutlancer? What you can expect from this podcast Creating content and getting paid Talking about sex, kink, relationships, gender, sexuality, you name it Written word, podcast, maybe video Getting clients, pitching ideas, making money from your own blog Building relationships Better blogging Books I’ve read Interviews with editors and publications Links from the show: Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook KaylaLords.com Loving BDSM...