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What is a Nofollow Link?

If you’ve never heard of a nofollow link, you’re not alone. The vast majority of people – bloggers included – don’t know what that term means. But if you’re being paid to add links to your website or publish sponsored content, it’s time to make sure you understand exactly what this kind of link is and why it’s important. Dofollow Links To truly understand what a nofollow link is, it’s best to understand what a dofollow link is first. When you link to another website (not your own), it’s automatically a dofollow link. It’s got link juice. And what the...

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How to Make Money: Social Media Influencer

To be honest, being paid as a social media influencer isn’t something I seek out. I’ve done it once, and only because it fell into my lap. I developed a good working relationship with a sex toy company who recommended me to an ecommerce company who was promoting a sex toy I’d reviewed. Confused yet? They needed someone with a known affinity for the product to post a few things on social media. I got asked, and they liked my price enough to pay it. In the ongoing series of “How to Make Money” let’s talk about getting paid as...

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Why Financial Disclosure Matters on Your Website

Recently I received an email from a company I’d worked with in the past asking me to do another review for them. Because it was for a free service and not a product, I asked for compensation for my time while promising it would be an honest review. It’s unusual for me to ask for payment for a review. Usually I review physical products that have a tangible value. I looked through my old emails (because I keep everything) to see what we’d agreed to last time. The money was acceptable. How I’d written the review had worked for both...