Saying Yes Even When You Don’t Think You’re Qualified SL020

episode 20 of the smutlancer podcast about saying yes even when you don't think you're qualified for the job

Once you begin to make money as a smutlancer, you’ll start to get offers of jobs that you’re not sure you’re qualified to do. Sometimes you won’t be, but most of the time, your concern will be fear or imposter syndrome. This week let’s talk about why you ought to say yes even when you’re scared you won’t be able to do the job.

In this episode:

  • Did the show sound weird in episode 19? Yeah, we had a mic problem that didn’t get discovered until Friday morning.
  • The more you put yourself out in the world as being for hire, the more opportunities you’ll get where you wonder if you’re really qualified to do the work.
  • Say yes to most of these opportunities.
  • You’re usually more capable than you realize.
  • Many of the things you think are difficult really aren’t.
  • Google is your friend.
  • Don’t accept any job where you honestly feel you’ll do an awful job and make a bad situation for the company, brand, or other person.

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