As time goes on this list will grow and change. Below is a list of resources that I recommend for smutlancing writers:

Events to Attend

Eroticon: Whether you’re a sex blogger writing about your personal kinks, a sex toy reviewer who’s looking for a new way to get off, or a sexpert who wants to educate the public, Eroticon in London is a can’t-miss event. (Full disclosure: I’m a speaker for the 2018 event.)

Books to Read

Grit by Angela Duckworth (affiliate link)

Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein (affiliate link)

Websites to Check Out

CopyBlogger: Good copywriting, blogging for business information regardless of genre or niche. They offer a ton of educational resources, especially good if you want to work in the non-sex-writing field, too.

ProBlogger: I’ve used their Job Board to find multiple writing jobs (outside of sex). They also have a widely read blog and a popular podcast.

Seth Godin: He blogs every single day from 100 words to a 1000 words, and he’s a smart guy to follow when it comes to working for yourself and marketing.

Podcasts to Listen To

Unemployable: Brian Clark founded CopyBlogger and has found a way to make himself unemployable – that is, he could get a job but he doesn’t want one. Want to learn more about working for yourself? Tune in!