What Camera Should I Use?

Kayla Lords

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  1. Theon Nord says:

    As a professional photographer, I have to disagree with one important thing.

    You can’t learn “all the features” because you would need an unreasonable time. A professional camera comes packed with hundreds if not thousands of features.

    Focus on some key things to understand:: Aspect, Shatter Speed, and ISO.

    Also: Start with Automatic setting. If you are a beginner you will very happy with the results. Later when you become a professional and look back, it will look awful to you.

    Another thing: Focus on one subject at a time, don’t try to do it all. Pick up a subject; Let’s say photographing in your kitchen in the morning, or outdoors at sunrise.

    Your best investment (besides the tripod), would be a 12-hour basic course. That’s how I started a few years ago.

    And keep taking a lot of photos and keep learning, because there is so much to learn when it comes to photography,.

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