Collaboration (The New Smutlancers Podcast!)

In what was a longer hiatus than I expected, the Smutlancer(s) podcast is BACK and better than ever! The format has changed slightly (thanks to my lovely new co-host, Molly Moore). Pardon our audio on this episode and episode 52. We’re finding the tech and the method that works best for recording together across the Atlantic Ocean and multiple time zones.

Since we’re now collaborating, it seemed like the perfect topic for our first episode! We’re definitely not the best example of how to set up a collaboration, but if you’re thinking of trying it with someone else, we’ve got thoughts!

In this episode:

  • Join the Smutlancers community on Patreon!
  • Why we’re collaborating together — and how
  • What does collaboration mean to us
  • Who should you collaborate with?
  • Figuring out your roles 
  • Building trust

Links from the episode:

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Eroticon Interview with Molly Moore (podcast episode)

The Smutlancers Community on Patreon

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Molly’s Daily Kiss

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