We All Start at the Bottom SL029

episode 29 of the smutlancer -- we all start at the bottom

This week’s episode is a bit rambling, likely a lot ranty, and in my defense, I was tired, lol. Okay so that’s not a good reason, but it’s one of those weird topics where I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged, but the truth might hurt. No one makes their top price when they get…

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How to Tell If You’re on the Right Track

figuring out if you're on the right track with your smutlancing goals

A big thanks to Amy of Coffee and Kink for inspiring this particular post. We had a good Twitter conversation (as we often do) that got me thinking. Knowing if you’re on the right track with your smutlancing goals or if you’re just spinning your wheels is a question we all have to face at…

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How Good Self-Promotion Works

what good self-promotion looks like

Earlier this week, I talked about why your self-promotion tactics might not be working, and there are a lot of ways to promote yourself so that you get attention. But how should it work, does it work, and can you make promotion work for you? In my mind, it’s kind of fuzzy. Primarily because you’re…

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Getting Comfortable with Self-Promotion SL028

episode 28 of smutlancer podcast discusses getting comfortable with self-promotion

This week, I’m going with a theme — self-promotion. On Monday we talked about what’s not working, and on Friday, we talked about what good self-promotion looks like (links below). Today, though, let’s focus on getting comfortable with it. If promoting yourself makes you slightly uncomfortable, you’re not alone. In this episode: This week’s episode…

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5 Reasons Your Self-Promotion Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Your Self-Promotion Isn't Working

Self-promotion is an absolute requirement if you want to build a brand or a business. If you’re not talking about what you do, no one else will know or care. You’re trying to find clients, get a sponsored ad, make an affiliate sale, or sell something you made. Every day you’re hustling and grinding, but…

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Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: July 2018

July 2018 Smutlancer Monthly Income Review

Between reading a Twitter thread about how we need to talk more about writing and money and seeing a lot of vanilla sites share their monthly income, I started thinking. Is there value in sharing my income as a smutlancer? I hate looking like a braggart, and I don’t want to do something that doesn’t…

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When the Motivation Just Isn’t There SL027

episode 27 of the smutlancer podcast discusses motivation

Anyone who tries to tell you that you have to feel motivated to work towards your dreams and goals all the time is probably full of BS. Sometimes motivation is in short-supply. The options are to push forward anyway or to take a break until you’re ready to start again. Both are valid options —…

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What To Do Instead of Waiting for Inspiration to Strike

You Can't Wait for Inspiration to Strike

Many creative people I know spend a lot of time worrying that they’re not feeling inspired. They fret that maybe their muse has left them, wonder if they’re experiencing writer’s block, or start to think maybe they’re not cut out for this creative thing. It’s a common thing that affects most of us at some…

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When Your Mind Lies to You SL026

smutlancer podcast episode 26 discusses imposter syndrome, anxiety, and when our brains lie to us

In this week’s episode, I talk about imposter syndrome and anxiety and about how our brains can make us believe things that aren’t true for a lot of other reasons. Mental illness is very real. I don’t offer solutions to every situation, only what’s worked for me in the past. Most importantly, I want to…

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How Do I Know if I’m Good Enough to Get Paid?

how do I know if I'm good enough to get paid

I remember asking myself this question before I became a vanilla freelancer and then before I pitched my first sex writing article. Am I good enough to get paid? How do I know? The short answer is…you don’t. But here are a few ideas to help you decide when it’s time to pitch your idea,…

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