Writing About Sex Isn’t Easy Money, No Matter What Anyone Says

Purple background that says writing about sex isn't easy money

Back in 2015, when I decided that maybe writing about sex was a legitimate career choice (spoiler alert: it totally is), I did the only thing I could think of. I Googled “how to make money writing about sex.” Big mistake. My results were filled with articles of “legitimate” writers who decided they’d try this…

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Do You Need a Pen Name as a Sex Writer?

Do You Need a Pen Name if You Write About Sex?

The question of whether you should select a pen name (or pseudonym) tends to be a topic left most often to erotic authors. Of course, they aren’t the only ones who need to consider it. When I started my blog, I chose one because I wanted to write about my sexuality and experiences freely. The…

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Organizing All Your Writing Ideas

Keeping Your Writing Ideas Organized

It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you do – personal blog posts, freelancing, or fiction – when the ideas start flowing, life is good. Until, of course, those ideas flow like water through your hands. I can’t be the only writer who’s ever thought she had a brilliant idea only to forget it the…

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How to Pitch Your Idea to a Website

Submitting Pitches to Websites

If you’ve never written for a website other than your own, it’s easy to wonder how in the hell all those names show up on websites you like to read. Do they have a massive staff of writers, all working 40 hours a week, writing about sexy, kinky things? Uh, no. In reality, writers just…

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Book Review: For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts’ Advice to Women

For Her Own Good Two Centuries of the Experts' Advice for Women

If you’re going to write about sex, sexuality, gender, relationships, and/or the issues associated with any of it, I believe it’s necessary to learn as much as you can. One way I love to educate myself is through reading. Every so often, I’ll share a book I’ve read and why you might want to read…

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Get Ready to Work Hard as a Sex Writer

Writing About Sex is Hard Work

Can I lay out several cold, hard facts on writing – about sex or some other topic – for you? Sometimes you have to write even when you hate the assignment. We all feel like frauds sometimes. Most of us are envious of other sex writers, wishing we could do what they’re doing. Over time,…

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4 Ways to Make Money Writing About Sex

options on types of sex writing

You can’t make money writing about sex…can you? That’s we ask ourselves when we realize we want to write about sex (I know I did). Plenty of people believe that because so many people want free porn, cheap erotica, and easy thrills, no one’s going to pay for sex writing – smutty or informational. Writing…

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My Story: Writing About Sex for Money

Kayla Lords Smutlancer Story

“Writing is like sex. First you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for money.” ~Virginia Woolf I know that Virginia Woolf isn’t specifically talking to sex writers in this quote, but it fits. Her words outline my personal journey into the world of writing about sex…

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