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Blogging memes hold a special place in my heart. Before writing this post, I just finished a post for Wicked Wednesday, a blogging meme hosted by Marie Rebelle. She was one of the first blogs I followed when I began my own website, and she was one of the first communities I joined to meet other writers.  Sex blogging memes and their hosts help writers in a few ways by helping you join a community, earn readers, and build a writing habit.

Blogging as a regular (although not daily) habit is important to me. When you don’t have a topic banging away at the walls of your brain, it’s easy to decide to skip the day or worry you have nothing to say. Blogging memes offer inspiration when you’re not sure where to start, and they provide the steps to build a consistent blogging habit.

What is a Sex Blogging Meme?

Let’s step back for a second. What the hell is a sex blogging meme? It is a list of questions, image, or concept to use as inspiration for your writing. Each sex blogging meme has it’s own theme it follows and rules it requires. The host determines what kind of content they would like to have, what the prompts are, and the set up of the meme. You write a blog post that follows the meme and it’s prompt and publish it on your blog. Then, you link your blog post to the main blogging meme page.

For example, on Masturbation Monday (a blog meme I host), I publish a post each week with a new theme and a new linking tool. If you decide to participate, you would write a blog post on your website and include the Masturbation Monday badge and link in your post. Once published, you would copy the URL to that post, come to my Masturbation Monday website, and add your link in the tool provided for that week.

Blog memes aren’t unique to the sex blogging world although many of us heavily rely on them to help us create content. Most hosts also promote each post shared to the meme on social media. Twitter is the most popular for sex blogging memes. This helps promote the meme and the writers who participate in it. The reason hosts require that you include the blogging meme badge and link to the host is to help us promote the meme. It’s a symbiotic relationship between blogger and meme.

Using Sex Blogging Memes to Build a Writing Habit

I’m going to admit a blogging quirk of mine. It’s something that makes me feel slightly obsessive (which I am) and not a little strange. But it allows me to produce content on a regular basis, and it’s helped build a strong blogging habit. Here it is: I only blog about certain things on certain days of the week. It’s a blog schedule taken to a Type A personality level. What does that look like?

  • Monday: Masturbation Monday
  • Tuesday: open for anything that doesn’t fit into the other days
  • Wednesday: Wicked Wednesday
  • Thursday: Shameless Promotion where I pimp something: an erotic author’s book, my projects, etc.
  • Friday: Loving BDSM podcast
  • Saturday: guest blogger post
  • Sunday: Reviews, sponsored posts, any type of paid or promotional content

I follow my schedule closely. Two of those days are devoted to specific memes but I give myself flexibility by writing whatever I want – whether it fits a sex blogging meme’s prompt or not. My schedule (such as it is) gives me direction when I sit down to the keyboard. Instead of wondering what I could possibly write about, I think about what day it is. If I have nothing that fits my schedule, I skip that day. But if there’s something I’m desperate to get off my mind, I write it and publish it wherever it fits or whenever I want. I’m strict with my schedule but it’s not set in stone, either.

Find an Audience with Sex Blogging Memes

When you first start a blog – or finally get serious about blogging on a regular basis – it’s disheartening to only see one or two views a day in your stats. We’ve all been there. I assure you, The Smutlancer doesn’t currently (as of publication) get the same amount of traffic that my personal blog gets. It’s too new.

If you’re the type of blogger who craves feedback and readers (most of us do), build both by trying a sex blogging meme. Participants are encouraged to read and comment on other posts during the week they join in. Active blog memes attract traffic long after the week has passed. You’ll continue to receive views from a meme you participated in for weeks and months later.

To be clear on something – no meme guarantees you new readers or blog subscriptions. The meme simply gives you the opportunity to reach new people. What you write, how you present yourself, and many other factors determine whether you convince a reader to come back. Your writing is the destination. Sex blogging memes are simply the vehicle.

Types of Sex Blogging Memes to Join

Okay, now that I’ve got you fired up about sex blogging memes as a way to have something to write about, get into a blogging habit, and gain new readers, how do you find them? Below isn’t a list of every single sex blogging meme available, but it’s a start. Once you get involved with one or two, it’s easy to find more.

Sinful Sunday: Hosted by Molly Moore, Sinful Sunday focuses on the image instead of the written word. Of course you can write, but make sure it’s accompanied with an image. It can be as sinful or as sexy as you want it to be.

Masturbation Monday: As I mentioned before, I host Masturbation Monday. The whole purpose is to celebrate masturbation. You do that by either writing about masturbation in a sexy or informative way OR write something so hot, a reader can’t help but touch themselves. A photo prompt from a real person (usually sex bloggers) helps to get your creative juices flowing.

TMI Tuesday: TMI Tuesday gives you the chance to share way too much information with the world. Each week asks a few questions for you to answer in your blog post. Not every question is sexual but most of them are.

Kink of the Week: Another blogging meme from Molly Moore, Kink of the Week runs on a bi-weekly schedule. She provides the kink, and you write your thoughts about that kink – good or bad. Remember, your kink isn’t my kink, but your kink is okay.

Wicked Wednesday: Run by Marie Rebelle, Wicked Wednesday provides the idea, theme, or concept and lets you come up with the story to go with it. You don’t have to follow the prompt in order to participate.

Boobday: Hyacinth hosts Boobday to celebrate boobs of all shapes, sizes, and types in all their glory. Share an image of your boobs as covered or as exposed as you dare. While you can write content to go with it, the focus is on the image.

Friday Flash Fiction: Whether you’re an erotic author or someone who likes to dabble in fiction, F. Leonora gives you space to play with Friday Flash Fiction. To participate, use the image provided as a theme and keep your piece to no more than 500 words. It’s harder than it sounds but great practice!

Technically if you participated in each one listed here, you’d have a new blog post every day of the week.

Why It Matters

The number one complaint I hear from new or struggling bloggers is that they don’t know what to write about, followed closely by not knowing how to find readers. Blogging memes don’t necessarily tell you what to write. They do, however, provide the inspiration to get you started. They provide the spark of an idea or a bit of direction. Participate long enough, and you’ve developed a habit. Keep going, and you’ve found readers. Don’t stop, and before you know it, you’ve got a library of content, blogging friends, and inspiration to try new things.

I’m not saying blogging memes are super heroes with super powers. I’m just saying you’ve never seen Wonder Woman and sex blogging memes in the same room.

Okay, your turn. Are there sex blogging memes you love that aren’t on the list? Have you joined a meme? What was your experience like with it? Share in the comments below!

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